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So I've recently gotten somewhat obsessed with Markiplier (a Youtuber who does video game "Let's play" videos and sketch comedy)... Rather long story how I started watching his videos (I think the first videos of his that I watched were the "Octodad: Dadliest Catch" series), but he's very entertaining and seems like a pretty genuine guy.

Just used a regular mechanical pencil and a reference photo, about two weeks on and off...

As always, comments/critiques, please?
Hatsune Miku T-shirt
I designed this t-shirt for my boyfriend, since he'll be heading to the Miku Expo concert in NY this month, and I figured he needed something to wear, ha ha. Just bought a plain white T-shirt, and the only pack of markers I could find that said they were appropriate to use on cloth.

"Blue Star" is the theme song of the expo, I believe, and then I know "Po Pi Po" is another favorite, so that's why I included the green juice...

Quite a bit different from my usual pencil portraits, but this was a rather fun project. Not sure if I put it in the correct category though...
Profile Sketch3
This is the third installment in my "Profile Sketch" series (original from 2014 and second from 2015).

This was included in a little packet of information given out to the new JHS students back in April at the beginning of the new school year. All of the teachers were supposed to write a little profile and include a picture or drawing of themselves so the new students could get to know us... though, I also teach at the three elementary schools that feed into that junior high, so most of the students already knew me (most, and not all, because there were a few new students who just moved to the area)...
So, the original title of this journal was supposed to be 「お久しぶり」 but apparently titles can only contain characters of the roman alphabet, numbers, or some punctuation/symbols...

Anyways, it's been far too long since I last logged on... Mostly because I've been busy, but also because I just haven't felt motivated to do anything artsy in a while...

I'm currently living and working in Japan, which is an incredible experience, but it has also kept me quite busy. Today, however, also marks 3 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake - the devastating earthquake that struck off the eastern coast of the Tohoku region in northern Japan, collapsing buildings, triggering tsunami waves, and ultimately killing thousands of people...

It's strange to think about the fact that that happened three years ago. It seems much more recent (I still vividly remember seeing the breaking news footage on TV late at night), and yet at the same time, it seems like it was so long ago...

I think my JHS did a moment of silence this morning to remember the people who lost their lives, except I was at one of my elementary schools this morning, who I think did their moment of silence in the afternoon, at which point I had finished my classes there and returned to the junior high...

Sorry to go off on a tangent. Hopefully I'll remember to log on more often (since I realized it had been almost a year since the last time I was online here)... and hopefully I'll be inspired and have the time to create more art...



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
cherello is an American, living and working in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher, where she teaches English to elementary and junior high school kids. She enjoys making art in her (very scarce) free time. She's dabbled a little bit in many art forms - from painting to poetry, anime-style to photography - but pencil portraits are by far her favorite.

In college, she studied both music (cello performance) and Japanese, and loves both very much, though her focus has shifted more towards Japanese now as her everyday life depends on it (also combined with her inability to gain access to a cello). As her free time is usually non-existent, she's not online as often as she'd like, but she does update occasionally. Thanks for visiting!




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